The Sauna / Cold Plunge Boom with Andrew Lachlan

March 06, 2023 Gavin Jocius with Andrew Lachlan Season 2 Episode 38
The Sauna / Cold Plunge Boom with Andrew Lachlan
Show Notes

Andrew Lachlan is the founder and CEO of Sauna House, a modern bathhouse committed to enhancing bathing culture and social wellness.  Joe Rogan, Jesse Itzler, Russell Brand, Wim Hof … there is no shortage of Internet health and wellness gurus talking about the benefits of sauna and cold plunge. Atlantic writer Helen Lewis argues that we are in the “Golden Age of Gurus” where there has been an explosion in podcasters and internet personalities promoting the benefits of these ancient practices.

Is this a fad or will it become a lasting part of American culture like yoga? Andrew and I go deep into this topic and discuss his founder journey and why he has felt compelled to bring modern communal bathing to American audiences. He shares the ups and downs of founding the business and operating pre and post-COVID and why he is looking to franchise the Sauna House model.

As someone who has travelled the world experiencing multiple bathing cultures first hand, this topic is very dear to my heart. I love it and I feel that Andrew is at the leading edge of trying to build a large and lasting brand in this growing space.

If you like a good founder story, care about the health and wellness space or are just curious about the sauna/cold plunge boom, then I think you will enjoy this podcast.

Discussion Topics:

(1:32) Icebreaker … saunas and bathhouses in films.

(7:53) The golden era of gurus and the rise of sauna and cold plunge in the US.

(14:29) How COVID-19 impacted Sauna House.

(17:40) Is this a trend or a lasting movement?

(24:21) No phones, clocks or mirrors. Designing a sacred space.

(32:16) Health benefits of sauna and cold plunge.

(38:22) Where Andrew’s passion for sauna came from.

(44:05) Sauna House business origin story.

(54:31) Sauna House franchise goals.

(1:00:38) Rapid fire questions.