Branding, Innovation & Explosive Growth with Ted Baker

July 17, 2020 Gavin Jocius with Ted Baker Season 1 Episode 3
Branding, Innovation & Explosive Growth with Ted Baker
Show Notes

Ted Baker is the co-founder of QALO (pronounced “kay-lo”), an active lifestyle company which was started in 2012. Their hero product, a functional silicone ring, has disrupted the multi-billion dollar wedding ring industry. In 2018, QALO was ranked #151 on Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies list. People like Lebron James, Dale Earnhardt Jr and Steph Curry now wear them. Ted’s story is a great example of how new innovative products can create a white space, unlocking unmet sources of customer value while capturing share in established markets. Ted shares his insights on the grit and tenacity it takes to bootstrap a company to phenomenal growth. Ted earned his MBA, with a focus in entrepreneurial and small business operations, from Loyola Marymount University. He currently serves as Board Chairman of www.qalo.com.

Discussion Topics:

(1:29) Backstory on how and why Ted started QALO.

(5:35) Launching without outside investment.

(7:35) Brand, culture and building an active lifestyle brand.

(14:30) Dealing with new competitors after explosive growth.

(17:26) Innovation and new product launches.

(22:57) Selling on Amazon and omni-channel marketing strategies.

(29:15) How to bootstrap a company for growth.

(35:40) Variable marketing and return on advertising spend (ROAS).

(40:45) Leveraging a business school education as an entrepreneur.