MBA Admissions Advice and Guidance with Sam Weeks

December 07, 2020 Gavin Jocius with Sam Weeks Season 1 Episode 11
MBA Admissions Advice and Guidance with Sam Weeks
Show Notes

Sam Weeks earned his MBA from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, funded by a scholarship from the Saïd foundation. He was named on the Dean’s list, elected Social Chair, and graduated with Distinction in 2018. 

Based in Amsterdam, Sam founded a consulting business with the purpose of leveling the playing field for international applicants, helping determined candidates get admitted into top business schools. International applicants often feel at a disadvantage expressing the nuanced differences between schools. Sam personally guides candidates through every step, supporting their application with his own experience and writing.

Prior to starting Sam Weeks Consulting, he worked as an Equity Derivatives Trader at IMC Trading. In addition to his MBA, Sam has a Master of Engineering degree from King’s College in London.

Sam and I talk about the business school admissions process and trends that he has seen in 2020, working directly with admissions officers. We compare stories of studying in the US versus the UK and why Said Business School was a great fit for him. We also discuss how business schools have adapted during COVID and I share my experience of being back on-campus at Duke this past September.

Sam shares a lot of great advice and wisdom for anyone looking to apply to business school. 

Discussion Topics:

(3:09) Sam’s decision to launch an MBA consulting business.

(5:57) Business application stats for 2020 and why schools are seeing increased applications.

(10:00) Advice for avoiding “achievement soup” in MBA application essays.

(15:00) Selecting the right business school.

(18:43) Oxford University’s Saïd Business School experience.

(29:35) The future of MBA program formats post-COVID.