Co-founding ReadyTalk & Becoming the World’s Fittest CEO with Dan King

January 08, 2021 Gavin Jocius with Dan King Season 1 Episode 13
Co-founding ReadyTalk & Becoming the World’s Fittest CEO with Dan King
Show Notes

Dan King is former CEO of ReadyTalk, a company he cofounded with his brother Scott in 2000.  ReadyTalk makes cloud-based conferencing and communications technology that more than 6,000 businesses use for virtual meetings, webinars and training sessions. Dan was recognized as Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 in the Software Services category. In 2017, ReadyTalk sold to Premiere Global Services Inc.

Dan has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and related fields. Prior to ReadyTalk, Dan held senior positions in business development and financial management for ICG Communications.

Dan earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a MBA from the University of Colorado, where he also lettered in track and cross country. Still active in Masters athletics, Dan won a gold medal in 8K Cross Country at the 2011 World Masters Track and Field Championships. In 2012, Dan earned the title of World’s Fittest CEO® by winning the CEO Endurance World Championship. Last month, Dan set three American Records for running in his age category.

Dan is an incredibly inspiring person. We talk about how personal fitness can help one become a better CEO, the psychology of risk-taking and building a company after the dot.com bubble and exiting 17 years later.

Discussion Topics:

(2:00) Dan’s early years as a “ski bum” working for Vail and Breckenridge.

(5:10) Starting a business from scratch, raising $13.5 million and then losing funding a year later.

(11:25) The psychology of risk-taking.

(17:35) Advice for starting a business with family members.

(22:29) How founders and CEOs can become better salespeople.

(28:31) Dan discusses his business mentorship role with Techstars & Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network.

(30:34) Dan discusses his running career and using COVID lockdowns to improve his training and setting World records.

(35:53) Becoming the World’s Fittest CEO and how fitness helps improves one’s abilities as a CEO.

(39:43) Rapid fire questions.