Culture, Branding, Venture Capital, Clubhouse, NFTs & More with Nate Bosshard

February 25, 2021 Gavin Jocius with Nate Bosshard Season 1 Episode 15
Culture, Branding, Venture Capital, Clubhouse, NFTs & More with Nate Bosshard
Show Notes

Nate Bosshard is an entrepreneur, investor and brand builder of iconic, category-defining, multi-billion-dollar consumer brands. He has managed and re-positioned heritage brands through changing market dynamics, been on IPO rocketships, experienced being inside of company acquisitions and integrations.

 Nate has had an incredible and diverse career working as brand manager for Burton Snowboards, The North Face and GoPro. He was the co-founder of Tonal, the world’s most intelligent fitness system. Currently, he is the Founder and Managing Partner of Offline Ventures which has invested in companies like Clubhouse, Notion, and Hims & Hers which in 2019 was the second-fastest startup to become a unicorn after Bird. The company went from founding to an IPO in 4 years at a $1.6Bn valuation.

 Nate and I talk about anticipating cultural trends before they happen, the recent explosion of digital art and NFTs, The North Face/SUPREME collaborations that he helped build, his philosophy and methods for marketing major brands, venture capital and stealth projects that will help define new categories.

 Nate is very bright and has a gift for seeing opportunities and growth before others. He holds an MBA from Babson College and shares his thoughts and advice for students contemplating an MBA.

Nate has some really cutting-edge insights that you are not going to want to miss.

Discussion Topics:

(1:55) The future of digital art and NFTs.

(9:42) The North Face/SUPREME collaboration.

(12:40) Staying true to oneself while transitioning to different industries and roles.

(15:37) The intense curiosity needed to identify culture trends and VC opportunities.

(17:58) Hims and Hers explosive growth through data analytics, regulatory change and market tests.

(24:00) Qualities of that make a good founder from an investor standpoint.

(27:03) Managing the GoPro, The North Face and Burton Snowboard’s brands.

(30:15) Launching Tonal and the future of gym equipment post-COVID.

(35:37) What the next big thing will be.

(39:28) Why pursue an MBA?

(44:21) Rapid fire questions mostly focused on snowboarding.