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Blast Burn Radio | A Pokemon Nuzlocke Podcast
Episode 56 - The Bra Bridge to PokeTexas
November 11, 2018 Blast Burn Radio

Join our hosts Jolly By Nature, MeserEngine, and Celes, as we discuss the latest happenings in Pokemon including the imminent release of Pokemon Let's Go!, Celes forgets everything she ever knew about Super Smash Bros., MeserEngine gets really salty about a gym leader, and Jolly breaks into song even more than normal.

Replays of our battles are available on Pokemon Showdown!
MeserEngine vs Celes:
Celes vs Jolly by Nature:
Jolly by Nature vs MeserEngine:

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**JollyByNature's Current PvP Roster** 
Lasix - Dewott 
Allegra - Lilligant
Aldactone - Tirtouga
Abilify - Krokorok
Vancomycin - Darumaka
Soma - Sigilyph
Zoloft - Yamask
Lyrica - Leavanny

**MeserEngine's Current PvP Roster** 
Tom Nook - Watchog 
Fluffy B - Whimsicott
Bubblain - Dwebble
DK - Darumaka
Bob-omb - Boldore 
Slippy - Palpitoad
Pokey - Maractus
King K Rule - Krokorok

**CelesTheLost's Current PvP Roster** 
Python - Servine 
Basic - Watchog 
Scheme - Krokorok
Snap! - Tirtouga
Flup - Tranquil 
Spookyc - Yamask
Powerhouse - Sawk
Garbage - Trubbish 

~~Blast Burn Radio is a production of Challenge Accepted Media. This episode was produced by Jolly by Nature, Celes the Lost, and MeserEngine. Pokemon, and all related games and characters, are the property and trademark of Nintendo, Gamefreak, and The Pokemon Company. Opening music in today’s episode includes Game On by Fishy off the OCRemix album “The Missingno Tracks.” Check out this great album at Battle music in today’s episode provided by GlitchxCity! Check out her work on Youtube or Soundcloud at GlitchxCity! Closing music in today’s episode is A Lullaby For Trains off the Pokemon Black and White Super Music Collection, available on iTunes. Design work and stream assets provided by Rachel Mondragon. Check out her other work or contact her for commissions on Twitter @rachichuu! Blast Burn Radio and its hosts are solely responsible for its content. ~~

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