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Blast Burn Radio | A Pokemon Nuzlocke Podcast
Episode 58 - Taking Your Time With MATCH!
December 23, 2018 Blast Burn Radio

Join our hosts JollyByNature, MeserEngine and Celes as we discuss the latest happenings in Pokemon including the holiday event in Pokemon Go, we ponder the purpose of the Enigma berry, Mes gets really angry about ninjas and Celes enjoys her some good old fashioned Engrish.

Replays of our battles are available on Pokemon Showdown! 
MeserEngine vs Celes: 
Celes vs Jolly by Nature: 
Jolly by Nature vs MeserEngine:

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**JollyByNature's Current PvP Roster** 
Lasix - Samurott
Allegra - Lilligant
Keppra - Galvantula
Aldactone - Carracosta
Vancomycin - Darmanitan
Seroquel - Duosion
Zoloft - Cofagrigus
Claritin - Sawsbuck

**MeserEngine's Current PvP Roster** 
Epona - Zebstrika
Fluffy B - Whimsicott
Bubblain - Crustle
DK - Darmanitan
Slugger - Scrafty
Midna - Gothitelle
Ezlo - Swanna
King K Rule - Krokorok

**CelesTheLost's Current PvP Roster** 
Python - Serperior
Blocky - Gigalith
Snap! - Carracosta
Magma - Darmanitan
Yoix- Gothitelle
Rust - Escavalier
Lithe - Scrafty
Wedge - Stoutland

~~Blast Burn Radio is a production of Challenge Accepted Media. This episode was produced by Jolly by Nature, Celes the Lost, and MeserEngine. Pokemon, and all related games and characters, are the property and trademark of Nintendo, Gamefreak, and The Pokemon Company. All music in today's episode is provided by GlitchxCity! Check out her work on Youtube or Soundcloud at GlitchxCity! Design work and stream assets provided by Rachel Mondragon. Check out her portfolio or contact her for commissions on Twitter @rachichuu! Blast Burn Radio and its hosts are solely responsible for its content. ~~

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