Breaking Bad Science

Episode 81 - Dr. Sinclair and the Anti-Aging Miracle

January 09, 2022 Daniel Episode 81
Breaking Bad Science
Episode 81 - Dr. Sinclair and the Anti-Aging Miracle
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This week we learned something. Not just about science, not just about the research people are doing, but human nature and how good intentions don't always translate to good results. Mostly though, we came to the realization that the nut jobs we rail so hard against on this podcast, the David Ickes and Alex Joneses of the world, really aren't what should concern us. What should, are those that pursue science with the desire to do something worthwhile, to change the world for the better, and eventually realize that dream might not be in the cards. Join hosts Shanti and Danny as they discuss Dr. Sinclair and his anti-aging miracle, and how sometimes when it’s not in the cards, you stack the deck. 


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