Feel The Good with Shawl

Episode 7: Myka Meier, Etiquette Expert

September 28, 2020 Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook Season 1 Episode 7
Feel The Good with Shawl
Episode 7: Myka Meier, Etiquette Expert
Show Notes

I have admired Myka Meier for quite some time now so I was thrilled when she said she would be on Feel the Good.  Myka is the founder and director of Beaumont Etiquette.  She is an etiquette consultant that has a fresh and modern take on the industry making it accessible to everyone.  We discuss how etiquette is about social intelligence and connecting people.  Myka shares why she believes etiquette is more than proper table manners, it's about kindness and respect. She also shares some of her life story and through it we chat about the importance of confidence, what makes someone charming and charismatic, authenticity and how to transform negativity into positivity.  This conversation is jam packed with empowering ways to build up your self worth and have more respect and empathy. You will leave this conversation feeling the good.

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Spread the Good- Myka's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:

*Kechies Project: https://www.kechiesproject.org/

*National Charity League: https://www.nationalcharityleague.org/

*Dress for Success: https://dressforsuccess.org/