Feel The Good with Shawl

Episode 26: Gia Peppers

August 31, 2021 Shawlini Manjunath-Holbrook Season 2 Episode 26
Feel The Good with Shawl
Episode 26: Gia Peppers
Show Notes

What a perfect way to end out FTG season 2 with this conversation with Gia Peppers.  Gia is an entertainment journalist/on-air talent (you may have seen her on NBC's The Today Show, Essence, BET, VH1, etc)  and fellow podcaster on Black Girl Podcast and More Than That with Gia Peppers.  Gia and I dive into Gia's path to being a journalist, Black women in media, how Gia  stays motivated and how she battles negative self-talk by what she calls "watering herself".   Gia also shares her vision for social justice, the power of her faith  and why community is vital to professional and personal success. 

Leave this Feel the Good conversation feeling motivated to follow your passion, feeling ready to follow the signs and feeling inspired to believe in yourself.

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*Spread the Good- Gia's Charitable Organizations Mentioned in this Episode:

*Black Girls Rock: https://blackgirlsrock.com/

*Black Girl Freedom Fund: https://1billion4blackgirls.org/

*Boys & Girls Club of America: https://www.bgca.org/