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Episode #022: How to Build Healthy Relationships with Other People as an INFJ
December 20, 2017 Bo Miller
How important are healthy relationships to an INFJ? What are the benefits of having solid, dependable relationships? What's the right balance of personal boundaries and connection with others? What does healthy conflict look like and why is it important? We'll answer all of those questions and more on today's show. You'll also get to hear from Brenda Knowles. Brenda is the author of The Quiet Rise of Introverts: 8 Practices for Living and Loving in a Noisy World. She is the voice behind the blog space2live and is a personal and relationship coach specializing in working with highly sensitive people, introverts and those who love them. She has been trained as a family mediator, Court Appointed Special Advocate for children removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, and as a post-divorce parenting time expeditor. She lives in Minneapolis with her three children.
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