Lies about Human Nature and the Truth That Sets Us Free | Rev. Christopher Esget
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The Concordia Publishing House Podcast
Lies about Human Nature and the Truth That Sets Us Free | Rev. Christopher Esget
Mar 18, 2023 Season 4 Episode 9
Concordia Publishing House

Pastor and author Christopher Esget joins Elizabeth Pittman on this episode of The Concordia Publishing House Podcast to discuss his new book (Dis)Ordered: Lies about Human Nature and the Truth That Sets Us Free. Listen as Pastor Esget reflects on writing his book about our identity in Christ and the encouragement we have in Christ during our struggles with sin.

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Show Notes:

Western culture shows us that human nature has become disordered. God’s Word says something different about us and our purpose, though.

In this episode, Pastor Esget talks about what the Bible says about mankind’s purpose and how our disconnection from the created order causes such great harm in society. He addresses important topics for the Church in his book, the concerning shift away from God’s truth in today’s society, and advice he has for reflecting on these issues in our own ministries. 

 Questions Covered

·        Why is this book important for the church today?

·        What do you anticipate will be the greatest challenges and opportunities to the Church as society's views of human nature continue to shift farther and farther from God's truth?

·        What does the quest for authenticity look like today?

·        The world seems to be going crazy –why is that? How has culture today redefined original sin.

·        In a nutshell, what is disordered and what is our role in helping to restore that order?

·        How can Christians encounter the Scriptures as fully authoritative and inviolable, yet as a living Word that speaks to us today?

·        In chapter one, you talk about how our society is replacing the truth with feelings and how prioritizing our feelings over thought is destabilizing institutions like marriage. The enemy can influence our feelings but sometimes feelings are also a gift from God. How can we discern where our feelings are coming from and if they are harmful or helpful?

·        How does being “curved in on yourself” harm our neighbors?

·        Define postmodernism. What happens when man is disconnected from an external law?

·        How has modern technology/social media become a vehicle for disordered desires?

·        In your book, you mention fasting as a spiritual tool. Can you talk about what circumstances would be appropriate for a layperson to fast and how one would go about fasting? Is it a 24-hour fast? How do you set the duration? How do we know if we are called to fast?

·        How have you seen the issues you address in the book play out in your own ministry, as a pastor and as a Vice President of the LCMS?

·        What advice would you give to Christian parents trying to navigate the changing culture with their households?

·        What advice would you give to Christian leaders trying to navigate the changing culture?

·        What is your greatest hope for your readers?

About the Guest

Rev. Christopher Esget is senior pastor of Immanuel Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Alexandria, Virginia, where he has served since 2001. He previously served Bethel Lutheran Church in Du Quoin, Illinois. He and his wife, Kassie, have one son. Esget is the Fifth Vice President of the LCMS (representing the East-Southeast Region). He holds a bachelor's degree in music from Berklee Col