DISCy Chicks

Unique look at DISC- sideways!

March 27, 2022 Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines Season 4 Episode 2
DISCy Chicks
Unique look at DISC- sideways!
Show Notes

The Chicks have gone live on Facebook! We do our best to describe the visuals in the video, so if you are listening to our podcast  and want to see us as we record, visit DISCy Chicks Podcast on Facebook. 

The DISCy Chicks turn the DISC graph on its side.  Instead of talking about high and low, we talk about DISC factors on a continuum - right to left.  As humans, we are innately searching to improve and when you a low score on your DISC graph, you may look at that as a deficiency (which it certainly is NOT).  Turning the graph sideways, removes the distraction in the back of one's mind of "Gosh, I really need to raise my D score."

Listen and learn how each style behaves when their scores are left or right of center rather thank above or below  the 50% mark on the graph. 

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