DISCy Chicks

Organizational Transformation Using Assessments

September 06, 2022 Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines Season 5 Episode 1
DISCy Chicks
Organizational Transformation Using Assessments
Show Notes

Does your business need a people strategy?

The DISCy Chicks are baaack following a summer break! Season 5's theme is how you as a leader or CEO of your business can strategically use assessments to enable organization-wide success with your employees, customers, and vendors. Cindy and Martha are zooming out this season to take a strategic look at how assessments can help you run the people side of your business.

Do you have communication systems in place to ensure an effective flow of company information to and from your employees?  Do you have solutions in place to guide your hiring and how you strategically build  a high functioning team?  

What if something goes wrong (and it will): your sales representative offends your best client, your star employee has fallen from stardom, or that vendor that is not getting products that you desperately need when you need them.   What do you do when there is conflict between important team members? Assessments can help you build a framework to handle your people issues during critical touchpoints in your business lifecycle.

We are thinking BIG this season and we invite your questions and comments.