DISCy Chicks

Converge Conference in Phoenix

October 04, 2022 Cindy Jacoby and Martha Forlines Season 5 Episode 3
DISCy Chicks
Converge Conference in Phoenix
Show Notes

The DISCy Chicks were on the road this week, attending the annual Converge Conference for TTISI, our assessment partner! This was the first live conference since 2020 and Martha and Cindy enjoyed spending time with each other and all the other partners across the globe that use assessments to solve strategic people issues, like hiring, onboarding, and training to improve individual and team communication and collaboration. 

Listen up as Cindy interviews some of our colleagues about their favorite assessments and the many ways they use them to bring winning solutions to their clients.  Pardon the background noise,  but worth it to be conducting live "man on the street" interviews.