Fans Eyed View - Footy Live

Good Chat with Gavin Crosisca

September 15, 2021 James Szabo Season 2
Fans Eyed View - Footy Live
Good Chat with Gavin Crosisca
Show Notes

Jimmy Szabo sits down with special sporting stars each week, discussing their story, interests, on-field feats, and everything you, the fans, want to know!

Today’s guest is a cult figure of the Collingwood football club, a man who left everything out on the field in every one of his 246 games. He was tough, unrelenting and courageous, which earned him a placing in the Copeland trophy-count three times, and three ‘Wrecker Awards’ - given to player with the most tackles and one-percenters. 

He was a Premiership hero in 1990, and his impressive footy brain landed him coaching roles at North Melbourne, Hawthorn, North Ballarat and Carlton. 

All while this footy legend appeared to have it all, he was battling addiction and mental health issues that eventually resulted in him hitting rock bottom. He’s since recovered, opened up his own rehab clinic and is continuing to inspire others to turn their lives around and beat life-threatening issues.

 It was a  great pleasure to welcome Gavin Crosisca to the GOOD CHAT podcast;

"It was very easy. I'd just go to the toilet quickly and have a line ... you wound't even know. It took me 10 seconds."

  • Living sober for 3,786 days and counting! 
  • Growing up with an alcoholic father 
  • How the feeling of footy saved him
  • First time drinking and using drugs 
  • The influence of Leigh Matthews 
  • The drought-breaking premiership of 1990
  • Career highlights
  • The 'embarrassing' truth of addiction throughout his career 
  • Getting 'highjacked' and taken to rehab
  • Opening up his own centre to help others 
  • Advice for others and how he shares his story today 

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