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Episode 220: Business Growth Through Expanding Consciousness with Mark Monchek

December 14, 2022 Sharon Spano Episode 220
The Other Side Of Potential
Episode 220: Business Growth Through Expanding Consciousness with Mark Monchek
Show Notes

In this age of disruption, we need to reassess how we do business and how we interact with one another in the work environment. Today’s guest, the Founder and Chief Opportunity Officer of opportunity Lab, Mark Monchek, believes that modern business growth has to first start with expanding one’s consciousness. 

Mark’s company is a strategy consultancy firm geared around developing the individual first in order to grow the company as a whole. In our guest’s second conversation with us, he comes loaded with unique and brilliant perspectives on culture and leadership. 

We discuss whether entrepreneurs are made or born and explore Mark’s own entrepreneurial mindset. We then learn the meaning of expanding consciousness and debunk the myths of the great resignation and quiet quitting, before assessing the modern problem of poor mentorship in the workplace, and why success is only possible with a great network of support. We can’t wait for you to tune into this one!  

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Welcoming back to the podcast for the second time, the incredible Mark Monchek.
  • Mark’s background in business psychology and social activism. 
  • Whether entrepreneurs are born or made, and exploring Mark’s entrepreneurial mindset.  
  • The attributes that every entrepreneur needs to have. 
  • Whether entrepreneurs today are different from when Mark started his journey. 
  • Why he started Opportunity Lab and how it’s evolved since its inception. 
  • How he helps the corporate world to understand the meaning of “expand consciousness.” 
  • The global shift in consciousness post-2020. 
  • Debunking the myths of “the great resignation” and “quiet quitting.”
  • Whether the conversation around remote work is still raging or starting to get settled.
  • The personal changes Mark sees in his clients once he encourages them to be more aware.  
  • The importance of having a community of support in both education and the workplace. 

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