What Could Possibly Go Right?
#2 Bill McKibben
What Could Possibly Go Right?
#2 Bill McKibben
Jun 25, 2020 Season 1 Episode 2
Post Carbon Institute

In today’s episode, Bill McKibben, author, environmentalist, and Co-Founder of 350.org shares his perspectives on “What Could Possibly Go Right?” including:

  • Learning from the pain and trauma of the current crises in a destabilized planet.
  • Reconnecting with the physical reality of the world outside of our online lives.
  • Knowing speed matters in our response to climate change, as well as understanding that actions will be disruptive but necessary.
  • Recognizing that social solidarity and a unified, fair society is what’s required to tackle big issues like climate change.
  • Being aware of the new scariest words in the English language.
  • Realizing the opportunity in channeling the large unemployed labor force towards activities to transform our energy system and response to climate