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Pregnancy loss is a tragedy for grandparents too...

July 04, 2021 Dr Ashleigh Smith Season 2 Episode 4
The Glimmer Podcast
Pregnancy loss is a tragedy for grandparents too...
Show Notes

In this episode of The Glimmer Podcast, Dr Ashleigh Smith interviews Joy Hall. Joy offers a grandparents perspective to pregnancy loss and shares her experience as  grandmother to Marley, who was stillborn earlier last year . 

Joy speaks about the multiple layers of her grief - the grief for her grandchild and then the added grief and anguish she feels for the pain her child and partner are experiencing. Joy talks about the first weeks after Marley was born and the added complication of coronavirus, compounding both the physical and emotional isolation. 

She shares her experience with her friendship groups. How she came to accept and give understanding and compassion for family and friends who just don’t know what to say or how to provide support. 

She talks about the way her relationship has changed with her daughter and how she feels her role as a mother has changed. 

Joy explains the love that Marley has brought to her life. She shares some beautiful ways she maintains her connection to Marley, and how she keeps her memory alive. Joy talks about the pride she has for both Marley, and also for Marley's parents. 

This episode depicts the love and loss that grandparents of babies lost through pregnancy or newborn loss feel.  It is so important to give support and love to grandparents who find themselves experiencing this devastating loss too. 


Special thank you to: 
Corey Green (podcast editor - Transducer Audio), 
Coby Grant (Winter Bear backing sound track), 
Holly Ryan (Producer), 
Blue Hearts and the Stillbirth Foundation.