How Novel!


March 29, 2021 Natasha Season 1 Episode 12
How Novel!
Show Notes

Alternative title: Mrs. Featherington, are you pestering the Duke?

Alex bites down on her dislike of Regency romances (including Austen. Come fight her, unlike Elizabeth Bennett, she carries knuckle dusters*) and swallows a chunk of Bridgerton, the duketastic sensation gripping the nation(s) AKA 'The Duke and I' by Julia Quinn. 

If you love all that stuff, never fear! Natasha is here to defend you with her lost family castles, desire to wear regency fashion despite the fact leggings exist, and her knowledge of aristocratic books better than the one she and Alex discuss.

Fair warning, if you like Bridgerton, Regency romance, girls who aren't like other girls or men who threaten to strangle you in a lol probs won't like this episode. Skip it. Life's too short. The girls also discuss the Netflix show, AKA Gossip Girl with pianoforte, and if you like that you should probably skip this ep too. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED! KNUCKLE DUSTERS!!!*

The ghost of Claire haunts this episode, moaning "I loved the TV show, that guy is so hot and pianoforte is good."
She is soundly ignored.

*this is a joke, Alex doesn't carry hand weapons or approve of physical violence. Punching, as discussed in the episode, is for stupidheads.

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