How Novel!

The Woman Who Fooled The World

September 15, 2021 Season 1 Episode 15
How Novel!
The Woman Who Fooled The World
Show Notes

Alternative title: Gibby gets fake cancer.
Claire and Alex go back to the "lady scammers" well and draw up 'The Woman Who Fooled The World' by Beau Donelly and Nick Toscano. It's a deep dive into Belle Gibson, an influencer who pretended to have terminal brain cancer for attention and a cookbook deal. A&C rip into her as only two friends who've been in a lockdown for three weeks can. Along the way, Claire explains how late-night TV tricked her into believing The Secret was actual magic and Alex requests grifters fuck off out of the 'coconut water and positive thinking arena' because it's making people who like tarot cards look like c*nts.  They both bitch about St Kilda Bay which people refer to as a beach for no reason- it's flat as fuck.
The real answer to your problems is either
1. There is none
2. Money
3. Years of reflection and earnest self-improvement.
We solved it, everyone. Game over. Go unfollow everyone with a salt lamp. 

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