Real Estate Investing in New York by Christina Kremidas

HOW TO WIN in a Seller's Market *As a Buyer*

April 23, 2021 Douglas Elliman Podcast Season 1 Episode 27
Real Estate Investing in New York by Christina Kremidas
HOW TO WIN in a Seller's Market *As a Buyer*
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Welcome to Episode 27 of REAL ESTATE INVESTING IN NEW YORK!!
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In this Episode, I'm sharing exactly how to present yourself properly to a Seller/Seller's Agent so that you can WIN your #1 choice property at the best price possible.

Topics covered in this episode:

☆ My most important tips for winning in a Seller's market: 
- Show that you are qualified: get pre-approved by a REPUTABLE lender
- Demonstrate your intent, that you are serious
- Don't be a stranger, show who you are
- Explain your employment security 
- Be as flexible as possible
- Get creative with negotiating
- Work with a qualified and reputable Buyer's Agent
☆ Some things that I personally do to win deals for my Buyers against the competition:
- Build confidence in the seller's agent and the Seller
- Get very creative negotiation  
- identify the pain points on both sides of the transaction and negotiate against those
- Communicate open line of communication and solid working relationship  with all members of the Buyer's team: mortgage loan officer and attorney
☆ Best practices for planning your move/logistics

Are you purchasing in NYC?  I would love to answer your questions!

I always am so happy to have the opportunity to work with you - if you would like for me to represent you as your Agent as you begin the property purchase or sale process, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Don't Miss Episode 28, where I will be sharing how to identify and purchase your first NYC rental property!  to your questions! Be sure to send me your real estate questions via instagram DM or by email!

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