How I quit alcohol
From fine wines to metho with Lauren Linnane
How I quit alcohol
From fine wines to metho with Lauren Linnane
Nov 01, 2020 Season 2 Episode 2
Danni Carr

In this heart wrenching episode I chat with Lauren Linanne, who I know from my Theatre Group.  Lauren bravely shared with me her story.  One of complete degradation and loss.  ⁠
From being in a normal relationship with two kids and collecting fine wines driving a Mercedes.  Her drinking slowly started increasing until she was trying to hide her daily habit. She would end up sneaking drinks to keep her addiction from her family.  She tried everything to quit from yoga to new age healers to therapists and nothing worked.  She slid further and further until she found herself a meth addict,  drinking metho  and loosing custody of her children.  ⁠
Recovery has been a long road for Lauren who has now been sober and rebuilding her life for over 3 years now.   ⁠

She sought help from the Buttery in the hills of Bryon Bay and is now in a 12 steps program.  She is a total queen and is so brave for sharing this story.  

If you are really struggling with daily drinking contact your local AA program.  

Lauren's rehab was through the Butter

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