How I quit alcohol
Becoming a better man with Greg Jennings the Booze Free Dad
How I quit alcohol
Becoming a better man with Greg Jennings the Booze Free Dad
Mar 07, 2021 Season 3 Episode 6
Danni Carr

In this episode I chat with  Melbourne  father of two, Greg Jennings @boozefreedad who at the time of recording is 14 months in to his sobriety.  Vulnerable,  emotional and honest,  Greg opens up about how alcohol was effecting his relationship and his children who were the catalyst for him deciding to give 12 months AF a go.   Greg shares the tools he used before he had even started the journey and the strategies he had under his belt that not only got him through but also transformed him from the inside out.  
A great listen especially for Dad's out there who might be questioning their relationship with alcohol. 

In this episode Greg refers to the book The Resilience Project by Hugh van Cuylenburg and living by the GEM principles.   For more on that go to

You can reach out to Greg via insta on @boozefreedad

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If you are struggling with physical dependancy on alcohol consider contacting a local AA meeting or a drug and alcohol therapist.   Always consult a GP before stopping alcohol.