How I quit alcohol
Healing the mother wound with Tish Banks.
How I quit alcohol
Healing the mother wound with Tish Banks.
Mar 28, 2021 Season 3 Episode 9
Danni Carr

In this episode I talk with the wonderful Tish Banks who has gone through  deep healing and recreation of herself.   Having grown up with much trauma related directly to alcohol,  Tish was able to overcome her childhood pain and step into her own womanhood and strength free from the generational grip of alcohol.  
From easily being able to polish off 3 bottles of wine in a night to being completely free from alcohol Tish exudes positivity and is a true testament to how you can heal and turn your life around. 

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If you are struggling with physical dependancy on alcohol consider contacting a local AA meeting or a drug and alcohol therapist.   Always consult a GP before stopping alcohol.