How I quit alcohol

Getting Untoxicated and the art of being sober and social with Faye Lawrence

April 04, 2021 Danni Carr Season 3 Episode 10
How I quit alcohol
Getting Untoxicated and the art of being sober and social with Faye Lawrence
Show Notes

In this episode I chat with the founder of sober social group Untoxicated,  Faye Lawrence. 
Faye faced her own decades long battle with alcohol ending up in a detox unit to wean off the booze,  Faye went on to turn her life around through the support of online groups and the a lot of self healing.  Realising the difference the support of like minded can make Faye set about connecting other sober people or people who just want to experience some social events without alcohol,  her groups now run all over Australia and are helping so many people to "find their tribe".    
We chat about her detox experience,  working out your shit and facing trauma head on,  realising we can do hard things,  reframing your relationship with alcohol,  healing from childhood trauma,  reparenting and how sobriety gives you so much more than drinking ever did.  

You can reach out to Faye on instagram @untoxicated_aus or to register or find out more about Untoxicated go to

The books we mention in this podcast are 
In The Realm Of Hungry Ghosts - Gabor Mate
Complex PTSD From Surviving To Thriving - Pete Walker

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If you are struggling with physical dependancy on alcohol consider contacting a local AA meeting or a drug and alcohol therapist.   Always consult a GP before stopping alcohol.