How I quit alcohol

The moment of change - with Juliet Lever

April 26, 2021 Danni Carr Season 3 Episode 13
How I quit alcohol
The moment of change - with Juliet Lever
Show Notes

In this episode I catch up with Juliet Lever.  Juliette is an author, coach  specialising in self development and training NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  Juliet is a self confessed alcoholic, workaholic and chocoholic who made the decision to change her life in her late 20's. 
In this podcast we talk about how making that one decision can shape your destiny.   How to cultivate change.  How she dealt with resistance from friends and having faith that your tribe will come.  Juliet and her  partner Paul have a thriving business teaching others how to gain the skills and knowledge that can reframe your subconscious mind and change your own life and the lives of others. 

See below for details of courses that Juliet and Paul have coming up to receive $100 off just mention How I Quit Alcohol. 

NLP: Online 22-28 August, Adelaide 1-7 November

HYPNOSIS: Sunny Coast 7-13 June, Adelaide 10-16 May, Perth 4-10 July (there may be an online one later in the year)
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If you are struggling with physical dependancy on alcohol consider contacting a local AA meeting or a drug and alcohol therapist.   Always consult a GP before stopping alcohol.