Let's Veg About It Podcast

Professional Veggie Slayer- Laure Carter: Ayurvedic Life Coach

June 21, 2019 Season 2
Let's Veg About It Podcast
Professional Veggie Slayer- Laure Carter: Ayurvedic Life Coach
Let's Veg About It Podcast
Professional Veggie Slayer- Laure Carter: Ayurvedic Life Coach
Jun 21, 2019 Season 2
That Veggie Gurl: Holistic Chef, Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach
Why Do Women Struggle With Weight Issues Over 40 and What Can They To Do!
Show Notes

Men often lose weight more quickly than women. Diet and exercise may be key components of weight loss for women, but many other factors play a role. In fact, studies show that everything from sleep quality to stress levels can have a major impact on hunger, metabolism, body weight, and belly fat. Women are more susceptible to hormone changes after 40.

Despite these challenges, there are plenty of ways to fight off weight gain and prevail. An Ayurveda diet focuses on using healing foods to support a healthy body, in order to stimulate its repair and rejuvenate it. 

Class in session!

In this session, That Veggie Gurl is co-teaching with #ProfessionalVeggieSlayer, Laure Carter. If you are overwhelmed with the amount of nutritional information around you, and you don’t know what applies to you, or if you also struggle to find the time, focus and consistency to make it work. She knows how you feel because she’s been there.

Laure is a lifestyle coach, who specializes in women’s weight-loss wellness by using an Ayurvedic diet. We will discuss:

 • Struggles with hormonal imbalances 

 • Digestion distress & recovery

 • Why take your health in your hands

 • Emotional eating

 • Utilizing yoga to reduce stress

 • Do you know your dosha type 

 • Why you need to cook if you want to heal

 • Why you need to make basil your bae

Let’s get veggie with it!

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