Let's Veg About It Podcast

Professional Veggie Slayer- Dani Solorio of Compton Health Bar

July 19, 2019 Season 2
Let's Veg About It Podcast
Professional Veggie Slayer- Dani Solorio of Compton Health Bar
Let's Veg About It Podcast
Professional Veggie Slayer- Dani Solorio of Compton Health Bar
Jul 19, 2019 Season 2
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Show Notes

Veggie Slayer Crew! Let’s get veggie with it, y’all! 

Dani Solorio, the founder of Compton Health Bar, a health and wellness store in the city of Compton, CA, is on a mission to bring health to the hood. This Professional Veggie Slayer is committed to making a difference. 

Originally from Zacápu, Michoacán, Mexico, Dani arrived in the US at age 6. She began her entrepreneurial journey at a young age, primarily because as an undocumented high school student, college was just not an option. Working in warehouses and restaurants, Dani saved enough to open her first business at the age of 21 – a tiny video store in Compton, CA. Although Dani loved movies, her true passion has always been natural medicine, opening her first health store in 2012. As a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Dani coaches clients locally and around the country for 6-month programs. 

Are you ready for some summertime wellness? 
In this episode, some of the things we will discuss include: 

    •What happens to your body when you make the transition away from process foods

    • What you need to focus on more if you’re trying to eat healthy

    •  Necessities for every day preventative and natural wellness like: 



Sea Algae

    •    How adding more nutritional ingredients, herbs can help you make long-lasting changes 

    •    How you can heal from hormonal imbalances and cyst 

    •    Why you need to go back to basics and focus on natural home remedies

    •    Resources and options to keep your energy up when you are trying to wean yourself from caffeine addiction. 

    •    How to get glowing skin by incorporating certain herbs

    •    The wellness assets you need in your pantry to avoid summer colds and flu season this fall 

    •    Why investing in your health when you are young is so important 

    •    And this week’s PPS and actionable summer wellness tip

Class is in session!

Let’s get veggie with it!

Contact Dani Solorio at:




Submit questions to: veggieschoolpodcast@gmail.com 

Do you constantly struggle with making healthy eating or lifestyle changes? Whether you’re someone who has a specific wellness issue you want to address, or you just need support and accountability to help you achieve your health goals, I’d love to help.

Let’s stay connected, y’all!!

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