Let's Veg About It Podcast

Professional Veggie Slayer--Karen Burzichelli of Karen's Healing Kitchen

September 06, 2019 Season 2
Let's Veg About It Podcast
Professional Veggie Slayer--Karen Burzichelli of Karen's Healing Kitchen
Let's Veg About It Podcast
Professional Veggie Slayer--Karen Burzichelli of Karen's Healing Kitchen
Sep 06, 2019 Season 2
That Veggie Gurl: Holistic Chef, Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach
From Struggling With Illness As A Nurse To Thriving As A Food Advocate & Coach
Show Notes

As a Registered Nurse for over 37 years, Karen Burzichelli of Karen’s Healing Kitchen had always been interested in health and well-being. As a Labor-and-Delivery nurse, she works with women through their childbearing years, teaching them about childbirth, and helping them through the most difficult and exhilarating time in their life. Unfortunately, she begin to developed many health problems, which only increased after giving birth to multiples and complications after having a C-section. 

Doctor visit after visit and prescription after prescription, Karen still did not receive relief and was having to deal with low energy issues and constantly being in pain. Finally, she took her health in her own hands by doing research she discovered that food does not just contain calories, it contains information. Every bit of food you consume broadcasts a set of coded instructions to your body; these instructions can create either health or disease. 

Tune as Karen shares her holistic wellness journey of healing. 

In this classroom session we’ll veg about: 

〰️overcoming digestion, arthritis, weight issues, and low energy levels 

〰️getting over kitchen fails

〰️the importance of eliminating dairy

〰️why meal prepping leads to success 

〰️how lack of self-care and stress management balance can hinder your healing 

〰️letting go of control of friends/families wellness issues 

〰️helping kiddos get veggie with it

〰️plus get an easy recipe to help you get in more veggies

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