Thinking Ahead with Carter Phipps
Darryl Jones: Roads, Wildlife, and the Future of Conservation
Darryl Jones: Roads, Wildlife, and the Future of Conservation 57:48 Chris Bache: LSD and the Exploration of the Inner Cosmos 1:26:22 Steve McIntosh: Reconciling American Pride and Shame 1:14:02 Gary Lachman: The Esoteric Undercurrents of Putin's War on Ukraine 1:28:15 Gregg Easterbrook: Promises and Perils of the Blue Age 1:00:22 Mariana Bozesan: Integral Investing in a World of Abundance 1:19:50 Greg Thomas: How Jazz Can Help Us Think About Race 1:11:51 Ross Coulthart: UFOs—Is the Truth in Plain Sight? 1:36:37 Sergey Young: Are You Ready For Radical Longevity? 1:08:59 Steve McIntosh: Building a Post-Progressive Movement 1:20:46 Eric Wargo: A Philosophical and Practical Guide to Precognitive Dreamwork 1:37:36 Carter's Rants and Reflections: Who Wants to Skip the Civil War? 16:50 Avi Tuschman: Can Wikipedia Save Social Media? 1:26:45 Deepak Chopra: Inside the Mind of a Spiritual Pioneer 57:22 Bill Plotkin: The Mythopoetic Dreams of a Psychologist Gone Wild 1:17:50 Tisha Schuller: The Role of Oil & Gas in a Carbon-Neutral Future 1:19:37 Jordan Gruber: Exploring the New Psychology of Multiple Selves 1:13:14 Justin Scheck: MBS, Power, and the Future of the Middle East 1:12:50 Jeffrey Kripal: Mystics, Mutants, and the State of Progressive Spirituality 1:17:56 James Piereson: Political Polarization and the Future of a Divided Nation 1:09:00 Craig Hamilton: Countercultures, Conspiracy Theories, and Everything in Between 1:36:37 Brian Muraresku: Psychedelic Sacraments and the Secret History of the Western Mind 1:25:27 Ed Freeman: Stakeholder Capitalism and the Opportunity Gap 1:21:41 Carter's Rants & Reflections, Inauguration Edition: Politics As Process 11:04 Jimena Canales: Einstein, Bergson, and the Great Debate about Time 1:17:10