Sexual Heroes

S4E8 John Pendal IML: Outsider

December 27, 2021 Robert Black Season 4 Episode 8
Sexual Heroes
S4E8 John Pendal IML: Outsider
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Adult content.

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John Pendal became the 25th International Mr Leather in 2003, the only Briton ever to have won the title, and the following year became a regular host of the Mr Chicago Leather contest. In 2010 he began a decade-long career as a comedian traveling to clubs in cities across the United States and Europe. 

The pandemic brought his roles as leather contest host and comedian to a screeching halt. A self described outsider with autism, John recognized the opportunity to pursue a new career, as a life coach. He earned a diploma from the Animas Centre for Coaching and completed a course in First Aid for Mental Health.

Since the interview for this podcast episode, John has been asked to return to host the 2022 Mr Chicago Leather contest. (coaching website) (kink coaching)
Fetlife @KinkyLifeCoach
Facebook and Instagram @JohnPendal.Coach

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