Kites and Strings

Glenn Davison: The Kite Guy (S2 E6)

September 12, 2021 Steve Ploum Season 2 Episode 6
Kites and Strings
Glenn Davison: The Kite Guy (S2 E6)
Show Notes

This seemed like a no-brainer for Kites and Strings, bringing on an actual kite designer.  So what took us so long to figure this out?   At any rate, we are happy that we did because we learned so much about kite design from what many would consider the foremost authority on the topic, Glenn Davison, who has nine books published on the topic, has been part of at least two world-record kite teams, has lectured and taught around the globe and who did more than his share of teaching Catherine and Steve that there is so much more creativity at play that just design in the world of kites.  Who'd have thunk that choreography, creating a composition in the sky, sound, lights and a host of other elements contribute to the artistry of kiting.  We learned that kites can be made out of just about anything and that they can be flown anywhere, including school classrooms and hurricanes.  We can almost promise listeners will learn something about kites in this episode.

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