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Jeff Ragan-Owner Of Kize Concepts-Part 1
September 10, 2017 Conversations From The Real World
In this episode, we sit down with Jeff Ragan, Owner of Kize Concepts. Kize is in the “business of changing lives” with a mission and passion to “fuel” people’s best through food, services, and community building initiatives around the world… to change the world… for the better, and help people, businesses, and communities be their best! At the heart of everything they do is a passion to serve and help other’s live a better life. That’s why they donate their time, talents, treasure and a % of every purchase to go back to help those in need. They love to partner and recognize other outstanding organizations doing the same. He shares information with us about how they change lives through food service and charity through their "give-back programs" and how they focus their charitable efforts in the areas of youth, health, and homelessness. We continue as he talks about their Kize Energy Bars that taste like a no-bake cookie and are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and no sugar added and made with four to six simple ingredients depending on which flavor it is. We then hear from him about Kize Catering and Kize Meals and how they cultivate local relationships and serve the local community with healthy meals that also help others with their "one feeds two" programs. He then speaks about some of their visions and goals for the future for expanding both the reach and breadth of products and services that they provide. We continue by visiting some about future trends that he sees in the healthy meal delivery business. Jeff then shares how their giving back to the community comes from a genuine and authentic passion for changing people's lives in a meaningful way and giving their customers an opportunity to be a part of their work in the community. We wrap up this segment as Jeff shares some stories about his experiences in traveling to other countries and doing charitable work and how it has changed his life and given him more perspective. He also mentions how people in our community can actually go on these trips with them and participate in the charitable work that they do as well.
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