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Kelsey Karper And Thomas Thompson-Co-Founders Of Factory Obscura Talking About Upcoming SHIFT Exhibition Opening November 9th At Current Studio
October 12, 2017 Real, Meaningful Conversations From The Real World
In this episode, Jeff visits with Kelsey Karper, Co-Founder of Current Studio and Factory Obscura and Thomas Thompson, a Co-Founder of Factory Obscura as well. We begin by hearing from Kelsey about Current Studio and how they provide opportunities for various artists-in-residence at their facility. She then speaks about the inspiration and the origins of Factory Obscura and how it came into being as well as how she and Romy Owens, her partner at Current Studio, decided to house the first Factory Obscura exhibition, SHIFT, at their facility. Kelsey then gives us an overview of how they created a vision for this group and how they brought area artists together to be a part of this first project at Current Studio. We transition into an overview about SHIFT and how it is the first fully-immersive and experiential art installation in the OKC area and what makes it so unique. Kelsey then shares with listeners about where they can find more information about SHIFT, and all of this information is at the bottom of this summary for those who are interested. After this, we hear from Thomas Thompson about his motivation for being involved in this project as he has an interest in human consciousness and in helping lead a project that will be providing both children and adults with the opportunity to have a full-sensory art experience that is so unique. He then reflects upon other art exhibits in other states that are somewhat similar to SHIFT. After this, we hear some details about SHIFT from Kelsey as well as an overview of what people can expect, and it is really exciting that each person will have their own unique experience We continue the conversation as Kelsey speaks about how it is very possible that people who feel that they aren't necessarily interested in art will find that they are partaking of it while interacting with the various full-sensory aspects of SHIFT as they progress through it. We wrap things up by hearing from Thomas as he reflects about how this exhibit really focuses on providing people with an opportunity to experience something genuine and authentic as they interact with it in numerous ways. Kelsey then shares an overview of the future vision of Factory Obscura as they plan to grow this project and ultimately have their own facility that will house larger-scale exhibits in the future. Lastly, we hear from Kelsey about the various opportunities for volunteers to help be a part of Factory Obscura, and the link to sign up and indicate how they want to help in the future. Visit the Current Studio website to learn about how to support Factory Obscura. Donations fund the creation of SHIFT at Current Studio including supplies and most importantly, paying the artists. Plus, donors will be the first to experience the fully immersive installation. Factory Obscura Web Page or Factory Obscura and Current Studio Facebook Pages @factoryobscura @currentstudiook Link To Provide Tax Deductible Financial Support For SHIFT Link To Sign Up To Volunteer About Factory Obscura And SHIFT Factory Obscura (a collective of artists and community builders) presents SHIFT at Current Studio November 9, 2017-February 25, 2018 The SHIFT installation at Current Studio takes participants on a journey through the various levels of human consciousness, from feelings of dreamy introspection, to the high energy of being fully awake, and everything in between. The fully immersive environment invites interactive play, both physical and mental, and for people of all ages and abilities. Created by our team of local artists, the installation provides an art experience like nothing seen before in Oklahoma City. This will be the first immersive installation leadin
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