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The Inspiring Conversations OKC Podcast
adam Lanman-Artist/Architect And Owner Of atelieraL
October 24, 2017 Real, Meaningful Conversations From The Real World
In this episode, I sit down with adam Lanman, artist and architect and hear about what inspired his practice, atelieraL, and his new cooperative project and performance space in the Paseo Arts District. adam shares memories of his early community-based projects that ignited his imagination and that today he focuses his energy on. He talks about some of his completed projects over the past few years and the impact he has seen them make in communities. adam then reflects on these personally and how they have inspired him to focus his practice in finding more creative and effective ways to bring communities together. adam speaks about the benefit of reusing material and provides examples of how that can be done innovatively. He talks about how important it is we change in our cultural mindset and focus on reuse, rethinking, innovation and community building through placemaking. adam tells us how atelieraL will focus on serving groups in community-based projects that have a need for architects, designers and associated professionals who have a heart to serve communities despite their lack of financial resources. Here he emphasizes the importance of “making” in this process and how bringing together stakeholders in his new space will provide a platform to visualize, plan, fund and fabricate new and exciting works. In closing, we hear from adam why public art is so important and how he believes it is beneficial to the community by adding some information about projects both in progress and on the boards.
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