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The Inspiring Conversations OKC Podcast
Janet Shepard-Segment 1
January 30, 2018 Real, Meaningful Conversations From The Real World
In this segment, Jeff sits down to visit with local artist Janet Shepard. She shares information with us about the artwork that she creates, about what inspires her, and about the significance of the spirals that she uses in some of her designs as that comes from her Celtic heritage. As the interview progresses, she talks about the evolution of her work over the long term and how she has grown and changed along with it. As this segment wraps up, she speaks about the importance of what she refers to as “visual literacy” and why it is so important for that to be taught to children in their formative years. We then hear from her about how artists and the audiences who see their work benefit in different ways and how the significance of art is best appreciated within the context of history overall.
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