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Evan Anderson-CEO of Oseberg
March 21, 2018 Real, Meaningful Conversations From The Real World
In this episode, Jeff sits down with Evan Anderson, the CEO of Oseberg, at their headquarters in the heart of Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley to hear about the services they provide and why he decided to start the company. Anderson explains that the oil and gas industry, while being a large percentage of the U.S. in terms of GDP, has seen little to no technological innovation, especially in terms of data and information. In fact, many people in the oil and gas industry still operate with microfiche and paper. Anderson firmly believes that more and more companies in that business will begin to leverage technology as they begin to embrace the benefits of doing so. Anderson’s goal is to change the way that the oil and gas industry thinks about computer technology. With Oseberg, he aims to make it easier for O&G professionals to use data to make more effective decisions, and, ultimately, to solve their day-to-day business problems. Anderson says his team’s goal is to take the datasets that they have built for their customers and continue to build and "productize" them as prescriptive analytics tools that their customers can use right away. As the interview winds down, Anderson talks some about some of the most important lessons that he has learned in his life. His advice: "following your passion" is not always the best course to follow when choosing what to do in order to make a living. Lastly, Evan reflects upon why he started Oseberg, instead of actually making a career in operating his own oil and gas company. For more information about Evan and about Oseberg, please go to
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