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Kerri Shadid-Segment 1
April 12, 2018 Real, Meaningful Conversations From The Real World
In this episode, Jeff sits down with visual artist, poet, and bookmaker Kerri Shadid to talk about her artwork and poetry. She shares information about her Poetry Stands, where she writes customized, spontaneous poems for strangers, using intuition and stream-of-consciousness to craft small morsels of insight at various venues and events in the OKC metro area. She also speaks about how her visual art highlights text and marbling and how it incorporates the unknown and loss of control into her process, allowing the beautiful unexpected to emerge. We also hear from her about how she sees the world and her own life and how that has changed some over the years. As we continue the interview, Kerri shares how various experiences along her life's journey have influenced her poetry and her art, and she also speaks about how her work has evolved over the long term. We then hear from her regarding some deeper insights about her process of creating spontaneous poems for strangers and some reflections about how it has influenced her evolution as an artist and as a human being and how it also affects the people that she creates thes works for in different ways.
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