Leadership America with Scott Murray

Episode 8 - A Conversation with Rolando Blackman

December 29, 2020 Leadership America
Leadership America with Scott Murray
Episode 8 - A Conversation with Rolando Blackman
Show Notes

In a most engaging conversation on the latest episode of Leadership America Podcast, Former NBA Dallas Maverick, Rolando Blackman, talks with Scott & Angel not only about his All-Star career, but, also focuses on the importance of both leadership and mentorship and his involvement as a Global United Nations Ambassador throughout the world. Ro shares his plans of developing a number of educational facilities for pre-school and elementary school age students worldwide, focusing on the significance of curiosity in a young person’s life. In addition, Ro addresses a loving and caring family environment and how impactful they can be coupled with morality in the growing years of a child. His philanthropic legacy is one we can all take part in and be inspired by his desire to make a difference in the lives of those that need it most.

It’s often been said that the only reason Rolando Blackman is not in the Hall of Fame is because of his commitment to being the ultimate team player. A true champion of change, Ro’s journey to success began when he was drafted in 1981 as the first round pick of the Dallas Mavericks. Ro is presently the second-leading scorer in Mavericks’ history, trailing only Dirk Nowitzki. The Mavericks retired his No. 22 jersey in 2011, one of only three players to be so honored, joining former teammates Brad Davis and Derek Harper. Following his 11 years with the Mavericks and two more with the N.Y. Knicks, Ro stayed involved with the game as both a broadcaster and assistant coach and front office director with the Mavs. Whether you’re a basketball fan or a leadership enthusiast, you’ll enjoy hearing from this rock star sports legend. 

(Recorded in August 2020)

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