Leadership America with Scott Murray

Episode 10 - A Conversation with Tim Brown

January 12, 2021 Leadership America
Leadership America with Scott Murray
Episode 10 - A Conversation with Tim Brown
Show Notes

From his hometown of Dallas, to college football at Notre Dame, to a record-breaking career in the NFL out west in California, and back home to Texas, Tim Brown’s journey is one that few can match. It all started at Woodrow Wilson High School, the only public high school in America with two graduates who became Heisman Trophy winners, Davey O’Brien of TCU in 1938 and Tim Brown in 1987. From there, it was on to the pros and a record-breaking career with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, before heading back to where it all started. Along the way, Tim would be elected to the College Football Hall of Fame and become one of only nine players in the history of football to win the Heisman and be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. 

Tim talks sports at all levels in our conversation, but, it might have been what he shared about life off the field that was most intriguing, interesting and impactful. From the countless hours spent with young people through mentoring and educational programs, all the while sharing the importance and his commitment to Christianity and the role it plays in his daily life, as he continues to be a difference maker in our world.

(Recorded in August 2020)

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