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#90 Diabetes Camp @Camp Hamwi

May 20, 2022 Coach Ken & Graham Hubbard Season 2
The 2TYPEONES Podcast
#90 Diabetes Camp @Camp Hamwi
Show Notes

In today's episode we sit down with Anthony Myer, the director of CODA'S (Central Ohio Diabetes Association) for youth and family programs. This was a special episode for us, because so much of Grahams beginning education as newly diabetic was rooted in attending Diabetes camp at Camp Hamwi. If you're a care giver of a newly diagnosed diabetic or have a family member whom is diabetic you're not going to want to miss this one.

Show Notes:
Central Ohio Diabetes Association’s camps. Helping our youth live well with the challenge of diabetes.  Scholarships are available.  Camper transportation to and from Camp Hamwi can be provided.


Day Camps – Blendon Woods MetroPark

Kids Camp (3-7 years old) – June 20th-24th, 2022

Stepping Stones (8-12 years old) – June 20th-24th, 2022

Residential Camps – Camp Mohaven in Danville, Ohio

Senior Challenge Week One (13-17 years old) – July 17th-23rd, 2022

Senior Challenge Week Two (13-17 years old) – July 24th-30th, 2022

Junior Challenge (7-12 years old) – July 31st-August 6th, 2022

Teen Weekend (13-19 years old) - TBD

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