Mid Life Punk Podcast


February 09, 2023 Tom & Niallism Season 11 Episode 1
Mid Life Punk Podcast
Show Notes


They’re not ALL, but they are NOT. 


Western USA Supergroup NOT are in the hot seat this week to
discuss their project which is a homage to the Descendents offshoot. We hear
about their favourite records and tracks from their heroes, we get a unique
insight into how things work at Bill Stevenson’s studio The Blasting Room and
we can exclusively reveal what records the lads lost their virginity too. I
know, we spoil you. 


Tom’s got a gig report from his night out with the Real
McKenzies, Niall has a bold approach to pre-ordering records and Niallism slags
off Tom’s presenting. 


Music this week is from: ALL, Toy Dolls, Rats! Rats! Rats!,
Zatopeks, Descendents, Annalise and Hammered Hulls