It’s Time to Tell Your Story with Leah Moore
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The Special Needs Mom Podcast
It’s Time to Tell Your Story with Leah Moore
Oct 15, 2020 Episode 8
Kara Ryska

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008 -  Hello! This week I am speaking with Leah Moore. She is a mama to three children- a daughter with a rare chromosomal condition and twin boys, one of whom also has special needs. Leah’s resounding message for our listeners and everyone she comes into contact with is, “Share your story!” 

Leah and I talk about what strategies she leans on to cope with the challenges she’s been given and practice self-care. She strongly believes in the power of writing and has even completed a memoir called, Loving You Big. She also shares how she’s grown as a mother (and a person) in her ability to stand up for her daughter and many others, in a loving and respectful way. She has goals to keep educating her family, students, and her community about peoples’ differences and embracing them with a sense of inclusion. 

More than anything, I hope you come out of this with the idea that your story is important and you should share!

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