Grit and Glam

All in the family with special guest, Laura Petherbridge

September 28, 2020 Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson Season 1 Episode 5
Grit and Glam
All in the family with special guest, Laura Petherbridge
Show Notes

Join us for our most vulnerable episode to date, with our guest international speaker and author, Laura Petherbridge, aka the Smart Stepmom. Laura serves couples and single adults with topics on spiritual growth, relationships, stepfamilies, co-parenting, single parenting, divorce prevention, and divorce recovery.

During this episode, Allison and Dorothy share some raw and deeply personal struggles they face within their own families. At the same time, Laura offers sound, practical wisdom on how each of us can navigate dysfunction and conflict with love.

On the topic of grief and offense, she shares this profound statement, "Different offenses take different amounts of time to grieve and overcome." Finally, Laura gives life-changing advice on how we beautifully blend what might seem broken within a stepfamily dynamic. This episode can offer life-changing hope and valuable tools for ANY family, step or not, struggling to come together in a time plagued by division.

Main Quote: "Everybody always says "I would die for my child", but would you LIVE for your child?! "

More Info on our Guest:
Author of  international speaker and author of four books including, When “I Do” Becomes “I Don’t”—Practical Steps for Healing During Separation and Divorce, and The Smart Stepmom, co-authored with stepfamily expertRon Deal and endorsed by Gary Chapman (Five Love Languages), 101Tips for The Smart Stepmom—Expert Advice from One Stepmom to Another and Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul-a devotional.

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