Grit and Glam

Cereal diets, sex, and body Image.

December 22, 2020 Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson
Grit and Glam
Cereal diets, sex, and body Image.
Show Notes

In the final episode of season one, Dorothy and Allison start off in a crazy discussion about Allison’s newest diet, the cereal diet, and we learn that skinny fat is actually a thing!

They also tackle the complex topic of weight by discussing the struggle many women face in today’s culture with maintaining a positive body image in a world full of obstacles to prevent it.

Allison shares how the need to have control played a huge part in her struggle with an eating disorder. Dorothy shares how often our body image can be directly related to our sexuality. They both show vulnerability as they reveal how their own painful life experiences have molded their body image and sexuality struggles.

This episode is sure to make you laugh and cry while giving you the courage to love the image you were created in, no matter what size.

Main Quote:  “My identity is not in my weight. I think for a long time I felt that if that fluctuated up or down that it was going to change who I was.”

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