Grit and Glam

Our Daughter's Don't Approve - Mothers and Daughter's Only Pt.1

February 02, 2021 Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson Season 2 Episode 1
Grit and Glam
Our Daughter's Don't Approve - Mothers and Daughter's Only Pt.1
Show Notes

In this riveting first episode of Season 2, Dorothy and Allison face their daughters’ disapproval head-on by having them on as guests.
In this 2 part series, Dorothy’s daughters Grace and Lindsey and Allison’s daughter Brooke all have the opportunity to bear both the triumphs and tribulations they’ve faced in their mother-daughter relationships.

They get personal as they talk about the glamour and beauty of the mother-daughter relationship without shying away from the gritty disagreements and fights we all can face. From loud food chewing to disapproval of their choices in dressing and expressing themselves, they touch on so many severe yet funny topics that Mothers and daughters face in their relationships today.

Every woman, mother or daughter, is sure to laugh until she cries, all the while gaining some valuable insight into how the gritty struggle of motherhood and daughterhood is still one of the most glamorous parts of life.

Main Quotes: “I think it’s really important that they are allowed to express their image in their way and grow into the person they are meant to be. ”

“How they look doesn’t matter compared to who they are and who they are becoming.”

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