Grit and Glam

Where are they now? BONUS Update

June 29, 2021 Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson Season 2 Episode 1
Grit and Glam
Where are they now? BONUS Update
Show Notes

After a brief hiatus, the Grit and Glam girls are back! Take a quick listen to catch up on all the exciting new things they both have experienced while they were on break. 

From career and business transitions to family milestones! The juggle for these two was real!

If your jam is visual, the ladies now have you covered! They will be streaming each episode via video on YouTube, so you can now see them in all their grit and glamorous glory.

Check it out here:

 Get ready for some hard revelations and beautiful inspiration coming in Grit and Glam Season 2!

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Episode is Not Live

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