Grit and Glam

Holy He#% this is Hard!

July 13, 2021 Dorothy Strouhal and Allison Henderson Season 2 Episode 1
Grit and Glam
Holy He#% this is Hard!
Show Notes

In this episode, Dorothy and Allison talk about the hard struggles we all face in life. 

They discuss how not to get stuck in the “roundabout” cycle of hard, in our marriages, family, business, and personal challenges. 

Dorothy shares some powerful insight on how to grow and thrive in and through the difficulties in life and how to get off the “roundabout” without wrecking your life. She expands on this by sharing her personal experience in the cycle and the importance of being slow and intentional when faced with these hardships. She also talks about a time in her life where she almost committed what she refers to as “spiritual suicide” and how God plucked her out of that. 

Allison reveals how sometimes we are positioned in a cycle of pain to grow and heal. She shares her recent hard in life with what she calls an “identity crisis” and how she found the strength to rest in the “merry-go-round” that God had placed her on. Allison talks about how we often confuse others’ perceptions of ourselves with who God made us to be and how she’s relearning who she is in Him. Finally, Allison reveals how God sent people into her life during these hard times to comfort and support her as she healed. 

They both conclude the episode by sharing how God doesn’t lead us to the hard to destroy us but to bring Him glory. 

Whether you’re stuck in the thick of the hard or have been through the hard in life, this episode is sure to offer you comfort and a renewed hope that we don’t have to allow struggle and hardship to define or defeat us. Instead, we can come out on the other side of this “holy hell” in His triumphant victory. 

Main Quote:  “ Hard is the training ground for life muscles, to build growth and success.”

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