The Dan Bradbury Podcast

S3 EP14: How To Stop Working For Your Business So Your Business Can Work For You

July 28, 2021 Dan Bradbury Season 3 Episode 14
The Dan Bradbury Podcast
S3 EP14: How To Stop Working For Your Business So Your Business Can Work For You
Show Notes

In a sentence this episode is about how to Stop working for your business, so your business can work for you

And it's a sneak preview of my upcoming ‘How to fire yourself workshop. For more info go to

I developed a FIVE STEP plan and followed it to a ‘T’...

... and within 2 years I went from £603k to £4.7m.
I called this plan “Systemise and Scale” and I’m still using and refining it to this day.

Once I figured out the formula transforming any 6 figure business to a multi 7 figure business, I felt I had found my calling…

To help others scale their business in the same way I had.

So I sold my business, and started working with other businesses to help them do just that.

My “how to fire yourself Workshop” Is Designed To Help You Make The Same Transformation!
This workshop is a small, private, and application-only 1 day business scaling experience for exceptional business owners:

Rather than leaving with a notebook full of notes and a TO-DO list, you'll leave with a complete action-orientated blueprint to create sustainable and profitable growth.

By the end of the day you’ll have a plan that includes, 5 steps to scaling:

But really if you want to scale your biz, you need to fire yourself, come and join us, go to

In it, I’ll show you how to use Strategy, Systems, Scorecards, Superstar staff and the right Support network to scale your company from multi 6 to multi 7 figures quickly, sustainably and more importantly, profitably."

Dan Bradbury can be found here:

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